Value car guards

Sharon Field, Somerset West

On Saturday January 27, a car guard stopped a bakkie from being stolen at Checkers Centre, Main Road in Somerset West.

He knew the driver of the car, and when he saw it drive off and knew it was not the owner he gave chase, and the car eventually got stuck near Shoprite because of traffic.

They jumped out, one looked like he wanted to pull out a gun then they ran away and got into another car, which was their accomplice, and drove away.

But what I wanted to say is: value your car guards at the Checkers Centre.

The owner of the bakkie got his bakkie back in one piece and did not press charges.

The car guard who stopped the robbery lost a whole day’s work, as he had to deal with police, etc. and the owner of the bakkie gave him nothing.

I think this is really disgraceful, as he made no money that day and he has to catch a train to Cape Town every day, there and back.

He does the right thing and is the loser, really disgraceful.