Vaccination programme steadily progressing

The Covid-19 vaccine roll-out is seemingly making steady progress at old age homes (Photo for illustrative purposes only).

The Covid-19 vaccination roll-out programme is set to be making steady progress at old age homes according to the MEC for Social Development, Sharna Fernandez.

Ms Fernandez welcomed the steady progress being made in ensuring that senior citizens who reside in old age homes receive their Covid-19 vaccine.

As of Wednesday May 26, 4 426 older persons have been vaccinated across 57 old age homes in the province as part of Phase 2 of the Covid-19 vaccination roll-out plan, which includes all citizens who are 60 years and older.

“Our elderly citizens are considered a high-risk group in terms of requiring hospitalisation or other forms of specialised services if they contract Covid-19. Consequently, we are remaining on high alert to respond to any potential resurgence of the virus across old age homes,” said Ms Fernandez.

All residential facilities are encouraged to urgently register residents who are 60 years and older on the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS).

The provincial Department of Social Development’s (DSD) role as stipulated in the Older Persons Act, is to register residential facilities and monitor adherence to norms and standards of care within facilities.

While the department subsidises older persons within these respective facilities, all old age homes are owned and managed independently.

In the Western Cape, there is a total of 300 old age homes of which, 117 are funded by the DSD.

As of Monday May 24, the total number of residents in old age homes who have recovered from Covid-19 has increased to 2 670. The current figures show an increase of 14 recoveries, and a stabilisation in the number of active infections at 8, since the DSD last provided an update on May 19.

“I wish to thank the management teams of every old age home, carers, staff, officials and family members for their ongoing commitment and devotion in helping us manage the spread of the virus at all old age homes. We are grateful and appreciative of all your efforts during these challenging times,” said Ms Fernandez.

All residential facilities can access information with regards to the Covid19 vaccination roll-out on

The provincial government has also urged the public to be wary of fake news on social media, including WhatsApp, on Covid-19 and vaccines. They have asked the public’s help to combat the spread of misinformation, fear, fake cures, fake news and malicious hoaxes by reporting fake news on WhatsApp to 067 966 4015 or email

They have urge the public to access credible information on