The ‘laws’ of thinking explored

Anthony Penderis.

Anthony Penderis, a Somerset West-based author and journalist, will be the guest speaker at the next Friends of Richard Dawkins Association (FoRDA) meeting tomorrow, Thursday September 20, at 7pm for 7.30pm, at the Rotary Hall on the corner of Lourensford and Cloetenburg roads, in Somerset West.

As an explorer of the mind, Anthony has ventured where no-one has gone before, by publishing a theory on the principles that control our minds.

At the meeting he will present his 10 “Fundamentals of the Thinking Process” as defined in his book The Carpet Mind: The Laws of Thinking Defined.

His principles explain why our memories must fade slowly for us to have normal lives; why it is necessary to experience pain; how it is possible to “read” someone else’s thoughts; and what really happens when we “multitask”.

He will also address the contentious issue of “Free Will” – are we really at liberty to decide for ourselves?

The human mind is phenomenal because it has given us an unlimited capacity to learn new things and the ability to adapt rapidly to a fast-changing environment.

These characteristics of our minds may be the very reason why the human race is so advanced today, Anthony claims.

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