Stop the building works

Margret Voigt, Somerset West

It is with great interest I read the weekly Bolander and very interesting plus very informative articles. Congratulations for that.

What amazes me for the last year or two, maybe even more, we are all reminded constantly of our water shortage, plus how to save water, and keeping our gardens planted with indigenous plants and so forth.

Yet, I am now talking about our Helderberg area – including Gordon’s Bay and Strand – where much building and construction works has been done, and is going on.

All the building and new developments are coming up like wild mushrooms, whereas we have a water shortage. Why is there no stop to this issue?

As a born Namibian who grew up on a farm near Windhoek, I know of drought and tough years.

Last year before the summer rains set in, Namibia was in a bad, bad space.

First thing the government did in Namibia, was to stop all building and construction works, including road construction.

I ask myself, where do we draw the line, and who makes the big money?