Squatter woes

Norma de Beer, Somerset West

I live in Bizweni Avenue and unfortunately I have a problem with the squatters under the bridge in Main Road close to Bizweni Avenue. 

They are continually constructing dwellings under the bridge as well as on either side of the Lourens river. 

There is rubbish just dumped there. Clothes being washed in the river as well as using the river to wash themselves and I am not sure what else. 

The women stand in the middle of the road on the island and solicit men passing by, as well as shouting insults.

The police continually clear them out but within days they return. 

What is Cape Town City Council doing to prevent this? 

The rubbish that is left behind each day is horrific.

We also have retirement villages on either side of the road and as I am also a walker it is unsafe for any  passers by to walk in that area. 

I would be grateful if this could be brought to the council’s attention.  I am sure there are many people who feel the same as I do.