Seasons come and go

What a storm on Friday, nature in all her primal energy, lashing wind and driving rain reminding us to make ready for the winter months ahead.

I’d not attended to a leaking study roof, despite being alerted to the problem many months ago, so buckets and towels and plastic liners were hurriedly assembled to absorb the water streaming in.

Why, I asked myself, why? – with no small measure of vexation (knowing only I could be held accountable for this procrastination and inconvenience).

A slightly more pressing problem was discovering my car windows had been left open after an early morning walk with the dogs, and because the hatch had not been closed (Phoebe likes to emerge from the car in her own good time, preferring to linger for a post-walk nap in the warmth), the battery had run down, meaning I could not close the windows in the hammering rain, and put the car in the garage – necessitating some smart moves under an aged and perforated umbrella to jump-start my car, and get it under cover.

Chalk it up to experience, I comforted myself, although I admit to standing like a deer in the headlights while trying to figure out where positive and negative battery connections were through my soaked spectacles (worried about shocking myself senseless or wrecking my battery if I connected the wrong terminals to the jumper cables).

But, all good in the end, and I’ll be more conscientious in the future, no doubt.

On Saturday I walked at Radloff, and the number of huge branches lying on the ground, and the turbulence of the river, freshly-imbued with water after being sluggish all summer, was something to behold.

I do so miss seeing dearest Norman Reid, who at 91 is one of the most familiar and beloved sights at the park. He tumbled off his bicycle recently, and broke his leg badly, and has been in hospital after surgery, and a long recovery lies ahead.

I visited him with some chocolates, and saw his wonderful support network in action, who spend time with him every day – he is so loved by friends and the community.

Carolyn Frost: Editor