Sculptress addresses U3A

Maureen Quin is an 82-year-old sculptress.

How often have many of us looked at a sculpture and wondered both how it was made, or even why it was made.

Scuptress Maureen Quin will answer these and other questions, when she is the next Helderberg U3A’s September guest speaker, on Wednesday September 7, at Strand Town Hall, at 10am.

Maureen is from Alexandria in the Eastern Cape, and her presentation is titled “Insight into Sculpture.”

She will take the audience through the creative process of making a sculpture, centring around understanding the technical production and the challenges of creativity, to imbue the work of art with the power and passion of soul.

Maureen will illustrate her talk with visuals of her own work.

Born in 1934 on “Bishops Glen” in the Bloemfontein district and schooled at Eunice High School, Maureen won a bursary to the School of Fine Arts in Durban, where she studied under Mary Stainbank.

On completion of her diploma, she was granted a bursary to study sculpture at the Goldsmith College of Art in London, with Robert Jones and Harold Parker.

Tenacious and dynamic, Maureen has exhibited her works regularly since1962, both in solo and group exhibitions.

Her passion for sculpting as a medium of artistic expression, is evident in the over 200 sculptures – in a variety of materials such as wood, fibreglass and bronze – that she has created as a professional sculptress.

Her keen sense of observation and classical training has enabled her to produce works of art which are in all aspects, alive.

Although her training was Western, her most characteristic work is essentially African.

Practising her art away from the mainstream art centres, isolated from the influence of her colleagues, has enabled her to successfully comment on topical social concerns.

The doors open at 9.30am for tea and coffee. Guests are welcome at R20 entry.

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