Scandalous incompetence by municipality

WA Richter, Somerset West

My bills for water in Somerset West (without VAT) over the past few months have been: Account of 21/11/2017 R130.27, of 20/12/2017 R62.93, of 22/1/2018 R129.15, of 21/2/2018 R511. 23 and of 22/2/2018 R1068.97!

I read in a local newspaper that because of a “new” electronic system which gives incorrect readings, the Cape Town Municipality was going to use readings in the new year of the corresponding month of last year.

Firstly, one would think that it would be a far more logical to use readings of the previous month, which would be much more accurate as we are in a water-saving mode.

We are breaking our backs to save water, as you can see from my consumption, and the thanks we get from Cape Town Municipality is to extort ginormous amounts from us because of their idiot meters.

One would also
think that the enormous increment of January/February would be a once-off thing, but no, they repeat it in even worse measures for the following month.

As a pensioner living on my own, I now suddenly have to fork out R1 580 plus VAT, plus the hugely increased sewerage bills as they are linked to the fictitious water consumption.

All this because of gross incompetence by officials of the Cape Town Municipality.

How long is this
sick joke going to continue?

I would appreciate
it if someone can tell
us what legal action
one can take in this regard.