Request to reduce water consumption

Ashraf Abrahamse, senior process controller, at the Faure Water Treatment Works plant explains the city’s rigorous water treatment process.

The Water and Sanitation Department will shutdown production at the Faure Water Treatment Plant temporarily to allow maintenance and repair work on a bulk water pipeline this weekend.

The Faure Water Treatment Plant, which is one of the major treatment plants supplying the city, will be offline from February Friday 26 at 2pm until February Sunday 28 at 2pm.

Residents are urged to minimise non-essential consumption of water this weekend due to the work that will be taking place.

The department said arrangements have been made to step up production at the Blackheath Water Treatment Plant to compensate while Faure is offline.They have also warned that there may be slight changes to the taste and colour of water coming out of the taps during changeover of supply. Despite this, the water will be safe to drink.

The Stellenbosch municipality has also been informed to prepare for this as a portion of their drinking water is supplied from this bulk water main.