Professor Jonathan Jansen speaks at U3A

Professor Jonathan Jansen.

Helderberg U3A’s August guest speaker is Professor Jonathan Jansen, who will speak to the topic “The Future of South Africa: Are there Grounds for Hope” at the Strand town hall on Wednesday August 7 starting at 10am.

Professor Jansen started his career as a biology teacher in the Cape after he had completed his science degree at the University of the Western Cape. He went on to obtain an MS degree from Cornell University and a PhD from Stanford. He also holds honorary doctorates from the University of Edinburgh, the University of Vermont and Cleveland State University.

Before serving as vice-chancellor and rector of the University of the Free State for seven years, he was fellow at the Centre for Advanced Study in the behavioural sciences at Stanford University.

He is currently distinguished professor of education at the University of Stellenbosch and president of the Academy of Science of South Africa as well as the president of the South African Institute of Race Relations.

His research concerns the politics of knowledge in schools and universities as reflected in book-length publications from [Knowledge in the blood] to, more recently, [Inequality in South African Schools] and [The Politics of Decolonisation]. His book, [Knowledge in the Blood] won the largest book-award from the British Academy for the social sciences and humanities. Professor Jansen won the Africa lifetime achiever award in New York and the Spendlove award from the University of California, for his contribution to tolerance, democracy and human rights.

The doors will open at 9.30am when tea and coffee will be available. For more information call Brodwyn on 083 6040 784.

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