Organisation raises R1 million to combat childhood hunger

The event took place at the Outside the Bowl Africa (OTB) headquarters in Wellington. Mark Maingard can here be seen stirring one of the hundred pots with a paddle, whilst his team members look on.

Wellington-based non-profit organisation, Outside The Bowl (OTB) Africa, has reached its aim of raising R1 million while feeding 20 000 children in one day at the organisations attempt at setting a world record for the most potjiekos pots cooked by one person.

Mark Maingard, CEO of the non-profit organisation that supports communities, ECDs, NGOs, ministries, churches and existing soup kitchens with nutritionally balanced meals set out to cook 100 Potjiekos pots on Saturday March 5, and achieved his goal, amid scorching temperatures in Wellington on the day.

“Cooking 100 pots and feeding 20 000 people on the day is a massive achievement for us. We started the fires at 5am and we were done at 3pm.

“The expression on the NGOs faces was priceless and I will do it again,” said Mr Maingard who accomplished this feat at the organisation’s headquarters in Wellington, Western Cape.

Mr Maingard’s team assisted him with setting up and making the fires, but he wanted to cook a record-breaking 100 Potjiekos pots without help from anyone.

“I was excited to take the lead in this and in the end, I breathed an extreme sigh of relief and emotions came over me as I did not think I would make it but I did. I could not have done this without my team being in my corner,” he said.

The food from the potjiekos pots were on the day donated to local organisations and institutions from Wellington and surrounding areas and towns.

Supported by Pep, Outside The Bowl Africa’s aim is to feed a further one million children at R1 a portion with their ground-breaking Vita Kidz Instant Energy Meal.

The organisation reveals how due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are now approximately 6 000 to 12 000 people dying of hunger every day and the world’s children are suffering the most.

For Mr Maingard, the organisation’s aim is to manufacture and provide 500 000 ambient, nutritional meals per day by 2025, and play a part in hunger eradication by 2030.

Outside The Bowl Africa’s mission is to help those vulnerable across local, national, and international communities. Mr Maingard encourages businesses and individuals to get involved.

Outside The Bowl’s three food manufacturing facilities are located in Wellington, South Africa, serving ECD centres, crèches, soup kitchens, faith-based organisations, ministries, municipalities, government institutions and needy communities.

With these facilities and their partnerships with large food corporations, they are able to procure essential food services at reasonable prices.

“Please continue to support us as we are not able to stay sustainable if we don’t have any support from individuals, corporates, and funders,” he said.

For more information or to find out how to donate, visit the organisation’s website at, or find them on Facebook or Instagram.

Outside the Bowl Africa’s CEO, Mark Maingard prepared these 100 pots of potjiekos food all by himself in an effort to set a new world record.
One of the organisations which benefited from the food donation on the day are beneficiaries from the Meghal Hendricks foundation (MHF) based in Wellington. Here representatives, from MHF, can be seen with the children they brought along to enjoy the potjiekos prepared by Mark Maingard.
Pictured, on the left, is Mark Maingard, CEO of OTB Africa and Alvin Bruinders, well-known South African actor and master of ceremonies, at the event.