New arrival at baby saver

Pictured are, Sandy Immelman and Amanda-Lea Jones of Helderberg Baby Saver, Ivan Greyling and Daniel Malan of GB Med Rescue.

Sandy Immelman, Somerset West

And then this happens … and it makes all our efforts worthwhile…

We have our fourth beautiful baby through the Helderberg Baby Saver (HBS). She is healthy and being looked after by the wonderful women at Wandisa Specialist Child Protection and Adoption Agency, for which we are truly grateful. Deep gratitude to the mommy who made this brave decision. If you see this, please know your precious girl is in good hands and will be loved and cared for.

Thank you, as always, to the amazing HBS team; to Choices for allowing our Saver to be placed in their building; to Secure Rite Security for monitoring our Saver alarm and dispatching armed response; to GBMed for sending emergency medical assistance and to HH staff, especially Estie, for your care and helpfulness with HBS babies. The Helderberg Baby Saver is located in the right-hand wall of the Choices Crisis Pregnancy Centre, Schapenberg Road, Somerset West. There are no cameras and it can be accessed 24/7.

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