Rotary club celebrates founding

■ The Rotary Club of Somerset West celebrated its founding with a charter dinner on Monday August 17. Chartered in 1955, the club is 63 years old, and has played a role in a number of significant occurrences, including the founding of the Helderberg Nature Reserve, and the Helderberg Society for the Aged. The club’s principal focus, in keeping with the Rotary ethic of service above self, is the funding and support of community projects in aid of the less fortunate members of society. Pictured at the dinner are, from left, Pearl Stryders, Klaus Angrik, Robert Baldi, Dave Hawes (club president), Brian Butler, and Maleney Brodner. Ms Stryders received a Rotary International Family and Community Service Award in recognition of her contribution to the lives of school children in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village. For the past 18 years, Ms Stryders has fed hundreds of school children each day, and provided an after-school support infrastructure, in her home (“Pearl is always there for the children”, Bolander, September 20 2017). Ms Brodner, who together with Mr Angrik and Mr Baldi, makes sandwiches from donated ingredients every Monday afternoon which are delivered to two schools on Tuesday mornings, was awarded the White-Cooper Cup in recognition of her community service. Mr Butler received the club’s Wooden Spoon Award for being the biggest “stirrer” through the year.