Mystical world of make-believe characters awakens new hope

One of the production’s unique characters seen here in the cage as part of A Summer Night’s Dream at Spier. PICTURES: CARMEN JACOBS

On Friday December 15, my family and I were fortunate enough to attend the performance of A Summer Night’s Dream at the Spier wine farm.

Starting the evening with one of Spier’s delightful picnics (which contents never disappoint on the taste front) complimented by one of their tasty wines, it was an wholesome family experience on Die Werf, whilst we waited for the sunset to enjoy the show.

The A Summer Night’s Dream night performance, set against the backdrop of the scenic Spier gardens and the Eerste River, amidst the soothing nocturnal outdoor sounds and animals, proved to be an enchanting, unique and fantastical production was visibly enjoyed by young and old, with my 11-year-old daughter and her friend, seemingly drawn into a world of wonder and magic, portrayed by mystical characters.

Although dialogue-free the production with all its interestingly characters clad in colourful costumes and dynamic dance moves, captivated the imagination; with the fitting and soothing music by Capetonian musician, Jak Thomas adding to the magical feel of the night.

The show was staged for two nights and those who could make it, was surely in for a theatrical treat.

The ending of the show left one with a renewed sense of childlike wonder. As if the elements in the show worked in synchronization to delve deep into the inner child and find that sense of expectant hope, anticipating good things to cross one’s path.

The storyline of the imagination of the characters trapped in a bird cage, symbolically felt like, I think most of us might have felt in 2023. Trapped by so many external forces, the economy, load shedding, war in the rest of the world, rising interest rates, inflation, the high cost of living, political instability and lack of accountability and public service and everything else the year has thrown in our direction.

I exited the magical world of A Summer’s Night Dream with a changed outlook about the future.

What if instead of committing to mundane new year’s resolutions of healthy eating, exercising more, saving money, cut down on spending—all resolves which many of us anyway never stick to—we rather like the characters, change our thinking in escaping from this gloomy, cynical, painfully realistic view of life and return to a state of reckless hopefulness, untainted by what goes on around us.

What is the worse that can come of embracing this new year with a new mindset, one expectant of good things to come?

What if we allow our imagination run free with a childlike sense of wonder and take us to worlds and experiences unbarred by our current limitations and restrictions of adulthood and see how the new year turns out to be…

The picturesque background of the grounds at Spier next to the Eerste River added to the pleasantness of the experience.
The night life and surrounds created a captivating experience for both young and old audience members.