Help stop vandalism of infrastructure

Councillor Chantal Cerfontein inspects the work being done.

Chantal Cerfontein Councillor for Ward 86

The recent escalation of electrical copper cable theft and damage to lamp posts in Ward 86 is of serious concern.

It is also equally distressing to note that members from within our own community are the perpetrators of these acts – often to maintain their substance abuse addictions.

These selfish acts of a few bad apples have a negative impact on all our residents, as budget funds which could have been invested elsewhere and used more constructively to the benefit of the entire community, must now be channelled into repairing the damage done.

Such behaviour cannot be tolerated and residents are encouraged to work with the City to prevent and eradicate vandalism and the theft of infrastructure.

I accompanied officials from the City’s electricity department to see the damage done to infrastructure first hand, and also stayed to watch the drastic measures which now have to be employed to prevent the caps on poles being removed by vandals: having them welded shut.

I would personally like to thank the neighbourhood watches in the community who do their utmost to ensure the safety of children by accompanying them to school in the mornings.

They are also helping residents get to work without being mugged in the darker winter months. If they can do their part in this regard, so too can the rest of the community, by being vigilant and reporting acts of vandalism. Residents can report suspicious activity related to vandalism anonymously, on the toll-free number 0800 225 669; or 10111.