Fibre optic damage

Giles Scott,
Somerset West

May I add my voice to those asking for answers with regard to the fibre optic connections in Somerset West, specifically the repeated trench digging and line-laying being undertaken (“What’s the fibre deal, Bolander April 17).

In mid-2017, the first fibre optic cables were laid in our road.

At that time we and our neighbours, and presumably all the home-owners in our road, were approached by at least three companies wanting to provide us with data and telephone (landline) connections to that cable.

I am sure anyone along the roads where this line was laid who wanted a fibre optics connection signed up, and we all heaved a sigh of relief that the laying of fibre optic cables was a “done deal”.

Recently our verge has been dug up twice more for additional lines to be laid. And we understand that there is at least one further company wanting to dig ditches to lay further cables. I know the verge is not our property but we, like most home-owners, had put a lot of work into, and took pride in, maintaining it.

The ongoing damage to carefully paved or cultivated verges and sidewalks is extensive.

What makes this particularly frustrating is that no explanation has ever been given, and the rationale for this current disruption is hard to understand; who are the potential customers who are not linked up with the first cable laid in 2017?