Concerns over unsafe jetty at Strand

Edwin C Hodkinson, Strand

On Friday October 16, I was walking near Strand Pavilion by the old wooden jetty.

I was stunned to see children clambering onto and diving off the jetty, while passers by, as well as the patrons in Bart’s Tavern paid no attention at all.

There are signs against the new wave breaker walls warning that the jetty area is off limits, but these are ignored.

The jetty’s front end has been removed and weather and some times stormy seas have taken it’s toll on what’s left.

This has made the jetty an eyesore and also much more unsafe.

I took it upon myself to contact emergency services and was assured that law enforcement would be sent, however they never arrived.

Then I noticed the Western Cape Ambulance Service that often parks by the fisheries to assist the fishermen if need be.

I then approached the paramedic and asked if he, being in a position of authority could possibly caution the children to move off and away from the jetty.

He was obliged to help. Many thanks to the driver/paramedic of the ambulance, who assisted me and cautioned the children, who then moved off and away from the jetty area.

I remember that somewhat two years ago a young boy drowned there, he had apparently dived in and got swept away by the undercurrent.

I am hoping that this letter is published and that when it is, someone from the municipality or whoever is concerned reads it and that action is taken to either fence the jetty off or do something to prevent further access to it.

Maybe those concerned will ensure the total dismantling and removal of the jetty.

By the way, I received a message from Emergency Services an hour later saying they had attended to the situation.

Bolander sent Mr Hodkinson’s letter to the City of Cape Town, but at the time of going to print, had not yet received an answer regarding the questions posed by the reader. As soon as we receive a reply, it will be published in the following edition.

Carolyn Frost – Ed