Chainsaw violations

Two City of Cape Town employees felling a plane tree at the intersection of Main Road, Bizweni Avenue, and Andries Pretorius Street in Somerset West on Wednesday May 9 are violating multiple health and safety protocols, according to arborist, Fred Lewis.

On Wednesday May 9 a chainsaw crew set about felling a number of plane trees growing on the median island along Main Road.

Although there were what appeared to be two supervisory staff on site observing operations, there was no evidence of the use of the required personal protective equipment or safety harnesses and ropes. One of the workers was also barefoot.

Somerset West arborist, Fred Lewis, had this to say after seeing the photographs: “I observe blatant disregard for essential health and safety codes and no indication of conformity to any generally accepted techniques or safety equipment for these tree workers. It’s appalling that there is no enforcement of such basic ethics to protect these men.”

Mr Lewis’ senior climber, Vusumzi Mthanga, a man with 23 years experience in the tree business, said: “It is clear the supervisor does not care about his workers.”

Bolander submitted a photograph to the City of Cape Town media office with a series of questions about the health and safety violations on Wednesday May 9 at 4pm, but at the time of going to print, the City had yet to respond.