Beautiful quilts donated to Helderberg Hospice

Donor of the beautifully, handmade quilts, Joan van Eeden, a resident of Somerset West.

Helderberg Hospice was thrilled with a donation of beautiful handmade quilts gifted to the institution by a local resident.

Joan van Eeden of Somerset West, recently made the donation after spending many hours over the course of many years, creating these intricately patterned artworks by hand.

According to the Helderberg Hospice, her generous donation will be put to good use in the Helderberg Hospice Support Centre.

The Support Centre is a 10-bed facility where patients living with life threatening illnesses are able to receive 24 hour care for symptom management, respite, and terminal care.

“Although the facility is staffed with highly qualified nursing staff, it has a homely feel that patients and their families find unthreatening and comforting at a difficult time in their lives,” the hospice stated.

The Helderberg Hospice expressed their gratitude for the donation and support. Those wishing to make a contribution to help sustain the care offered by the hospice to the greater Helderberg community, are welcome to contact Cheryl Rundle on 021 852 4608, or email

The handcrafted bedding fits right in with the homely atmosphere at the Helderberg Hospice Support Centre.