Old School House Trio at village concert

The Helderberg Village Music Society is holding the Old School House Trio, at their next concert at Talani Terrace, on Sunday June 4, at 4pm. Lucia di Blasio-Scott, who plays the violin, has had an international career as a soloist and principal violinist in many orchestras. She is lead violinist with the Michaelis Players and the Palm Strings Quartet and principal guest with the Baroque Series 4by2. Barbara Kennedy, on the cello, studied in London and returned to South Africa to continue her career as an orchestral cellist and teacher. Her musical activities include the Michaelis Players, The Schoolhouse Trio and Palm Strings Quartet. Sue Paterson-Jones, on piano, studied under Lamar Crowson and Albie van Schalkwyk at UCT, she was awarded a Vladimir Viardo piano scholarship and studied under Viardo at the University of North Texas. Entry is R70 for non-members, and R30 for students. For more information, call Olga Marsay at 021 855 3752.