Classic tale at Playhouse

The latest offering at Somerset West theatre The Playhouse is the timeless tale of The little mermaid and her adventures under the sea.

Jess Matthews with her fiery red hair as Ariel, Andrew Goldie as her stern, but caring father, King Triton, and best friends Dory (played by Angelique Jonker) and Scuttle (played by Luke Botha) – with Xavier Strydom taking the rol of Sebastian, trying to find the balance between being a friend and following the King’s orders.

Ariel is the youngest of nine daughters… and her sisters have different ideas about what she should do with her life. These Mersisters, the kingdom’s Jewels, are full of colour and sass, and will have you dancing in your seats with their incredible voices.

All Ariel has ever wanted is to be on land, with humans, walking! When she sees Prince Eric (with Caleb Vincent), she becomes infatuated and is willing to risk everything to be with him, but is that really what she wants in the end… to give up her family to be with a prince?

The Little Mermaid opens today, Wednesday December 1, and runs until Saturday December 18, at 7.30pm, with matinees on certain days at 3pm. Book tickets through Computicket.