Disturbing article

Suben Govender, Somerset West

It was quite disturbing to open last week’s Bolander to find the article by Annemarie Meyer on the “history” of Somerset West.

Firstly, her only reference was a book written in 1977 by a white author. Really?

Secondly, she constantly makes reference to the Khoisan indigenous people by the term Hottentots, a term that is now commonly recognised as a derogatory designation of this rich cultural heritage of our country. 

Thirdly, she adds insult to injury by alleging that the Khoisan were aggressive and notorious for

Lastly, she begins by stating her intention for the article as being a response to the recent  public discourse on appropriation of land. 

By publishing this article I assume that the Bolander believes that Ms Meyer’s views constitute a solid argument to be taken into consideration by your readership.

Ed’s response:

Bolander regularly publishes contributions sent in by readers, but by so doing does not endorse the opinions expressed therein.

We acknowledge the concerns highlighted in Mr Govender’s letter, and we regret causing offense to any of our readership, and will endeavour in future to to be more scrupulous in interrogating the contents of submissions, and edit what may be construed as derogatory, offensive or insensitive.

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