Blind cat found

Joyce Beeton, Somerset West

I live at 29 Vergenoegd Street, Steynsrust, Somerset West, and on Friday June 18 I returned home at 1.30pm.

As I approached my house I noticed a ginger cat walking down the middle of the road which looked “lost”.

I turned into my entrance, stopped my car and called to the animal who had then approached the gate to the house opposite mine.

Thinking that it perhaps belonged to one of the neighbours I called to it.

It then tried to enter the gate – turned and bumped into the wall and as I got closer to it I could see that its nose was bleeding and the right eye looked irritated.

Worried that the cat could possibly have been hit by a vehicle, I picked it up, but on closer inspection I became aware that the animal was completely blind.

He had obviously been trying to find his way around and had been bumping into everything he had made contact with, hence his irritated nose.

How on earth the poor creature managed to find its way around I have no idea whatsoever.

I have been looking after it since Friday and it is still in my care.

I have notified Country Animal Clinic as well as VUE Animal Clinic and have established that it is not micro-chipped.

I also informed Steynsrust Watch and Steynsrust Friends.

I was wondering whether you could perhaps publish a photograph of the cat who is a ginger/white (male)and is quite old.

It is a very friendly and affectionate. Unless the animal was “dumped” it simply must belong to someone in the area as it seems unlikely, if not impossible, that this cat could have found its way around unharmed.

It is a miracle that I happened to see it when I did as the weather over the past few days has been horrendous and he would have suffered greatly.

I can be contacted at 021 955 3637 or 082 708 9281.