Poignant puppet theatre

The puppets are all hand-made.

The puppet show Ham, will be on at the Drostdy Theatre in Stellenbosch, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday July 27, 28 and 29, at 8.15pm.

With their knowledge of various art forms such as puppet theatre, cabaret and performance, The Loft Puppet Company’s group of passionate creators; Elisha Zeeman, Andrico Goosen, Jako Beyleveld, Marelize Viljoen, Anoecha Kruger and Talita Beyl, with the Abonwabisi Brothers, a choir situated in Khayalitsha: create a puppet theatre performance that is perfect for the modern-day South African theatre market.

Ham is based on a true story: on January 31st, 1961, America sent the first African to outer space – Ham the space chimp. This event is only one of a few events that sparked the relationship of mankind with the natural world.

The Loft Puppet Company takes the audience on this unforgettable journey through the jungles of Cameroon to the stars. Ham and his mom have been studying the stars for years and this inspired the desire in Ham to venture into this magical realm. After an unexpected twist of fate, Ham finds himself in a laboratory where he undergoes rigorous training to become not only the first hominid species but also the first African, even before Mark Shuttleworth, to set foot in space.

As Ham returns from outer space there is a price to be paid, which lies hidden in mankind’s relationship with the natural world.

Tickets cost R100 for adults, R80 for students, and R60 for children.Book at info@drostdyteater.co.za or 087 943 2459.