Manser speaks at Mensa

Pioneering adventurer Riaan Manser.

Pioneering adventurer Riaan Manser has rewritten the definitions of tenacity, courage and determination. From cycling 37 000km around the perimeter of Africa, to circumnavigating Madagascar unaided in a kayak, rowing across the Atlantic with his fiancé, and kayaking around Iceland with a disabled partner, Riaan has achieved several world firsts. Most recently, Riaan teamed up with Fanafikile Lehakha, who won a competition to become his partner for “The Odyssey Project”, which saw the pair rowing almost 5 000km across the North Atlantic, from the Canary Islands to Barbados, reaching their destination on February 23. Riaan will share the extraordinary, often hilarious, account of his exploits, which took huge perseverance and unrelenting resolve, with the members of Mensa Winelands at its monthly meeting in Somerset West tomorrow, Thursday April 11, at 7.15pm. Contact for venue details. Entry is free.