Liebrecht Gallery holds exhibition

Lincoln St. – Oil on canvas, by Danielle Jordaan.

The exhibition Walls opens in the Liebrecht Gallery in Somerset West, on Thursday April 8.

The scaling of the walls of the US capital building on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on January 6 this year, shook the foundations of democracy and shocked the world. And all of this happened because of the invisible walls which had been erected between the citizens of a divided country.

The Great Wall of China. The Berlin Wall. The walls of pyramids. The walls of Twin Tower. The Trump Wall. The walls of Jericho. The walls of cathedrals. The Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The walls of palaces, and sand castles. Firewalls protecting computer networks. The writing on your facebook wall. Prison walls. The walls around cemeteries.

And walls of a more modest nature – the walls of our homes, border walls, retaining walls, and many, many more.

What exactly is a “wall” and why do we want to build them, whether on a small or grand scale? And why do we want to break them down? What does it tell us about human beings, our nature and our needs?

Humans did their first drawings on the walls of caves during the Late Stone Age about 50 000 years ago, and street artists continue to do murals in urban areas in the 21st century.

The artists whose works will be hanging on the walls of the Liebrecht Gallery are Janine Allen-Spies, Philip Badenhorst, Ydi Coetsee Carstens, Arlette Franks, Wendy Gaybba, Gina Heyer, Rachelle Hugo, Danielle Jordaan, Ros Koch, Sharon Moses, Clifford Mpai, and Marli Steyl.

For more information, contact Avril Gardiner at 082 682 5710.

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