Strand Nippers do it again

From left, are Aiden Laubser, Cullen Clarke, Matthew van Romburgh, Regan Wille, Adam Meintjes, Liam Clarke, Annabelle Hamel, Zoe and Kendra Beresford.

The Strand Nipper team competed at their third Nipper Carnival for the season, at Milnerton beach last Sunday.

This competition was done in a different format, giving the upcoming young lifeguards the opportunity to test their skills in a team situation, with all the events being relay events.

The under-12 age group of the home team performed exceptionally well, considering this was the first time they had to compete in some of these events and in this format.

Matthew van Romburgh, Kendra Beresford, Liam Clarke and Aiden Laubser won the beach relay event, with Kendra Beresford, Liam Clarke and Aiden Laubser ending in second place in the beach run relay event.

Liam Clarke, Annabelle Hamel and Aiden Laubser came third in the board relay event, while Zoe Beresford, Liam Clarke, Cullen Clarke and Aiden
Laubser came third in the swim relay event.

Annabelle Hamel, Aiden Laubser and Matthew van Romburgh came third in the taplin event, with Kendra Beresford and Liam and Cullen Clarke
ending in fourth place in the same event.

The last and final local competition on the Nipper calendar, the Western Cape Nipper Championships, takes place on Saturday March 2 and Sunday March 3, at Clifton beach, and then the Strand Lifesaving Nipper junior and senior teams will head to Port Elizabeth for the General Tire South African Lifesaving Championships, at the end of March.