Landie takes second place

Landie Greyling competing in the SA Trail Championship.

Stellenbosch trail runner, Landie Greyling, took second place in the 2019 South African Trail Championship, on Saturday March 30, in a time of 5:04:08, just six months after the birth of her son, Christopher.

She came in just six minutes behind winner of the women’s race, Nicolette Griffioen, in the 40km Hout Bay Trail Challenge. 

“It was much tougher than I remember, probably because I have not done much running in the mountains lately,” said Landie of the race, which she described as one of the toughest but most beautiful trails in the Western Cape. “I couldn’t be happier with my second place at SA Champs, especially six months after little Christopher’s birth. It’s a great start and I gave it my very best, while enjoying spending time in my happy place.

“This was my longest run to date, as juggling being a mom and breastfeeding, even when you are expressing, means the longer runs are a logistical feat,” she said.

Landie and husband, Christopher, are training for a 60km trail race in Spain in April, the Penyaglosa Trails. “It is the first time we are attempting this race, which is part of the world championships circuit. I am as ready as can be,” Landie said.