Fighters display bravery in pro debut bouts

Young prodigy, Dillon Prosser lifts his knuckles in victory following a first round knockout debut win at the Insane Boxing Promotions showcase in Goodwood, a fortnight ago. He is backed by professional mixed martial artists, Don Madge, trainer Matt Leisching and professional fighter Wade Hammond. Picture supplied.

In the world of boxing, courage, determination, and a hunger for positive change are essential qualities that define champions.

At the Insane Boxing Promotions event held at the Goodwood Correctional Facility, a fortnight ago, two promising fighters showcased these characteristics in their professional debuts.

Dillon Prosser, a former Western Province light heavyweight amateur champion, delivered an electrifying knockout in the first round, announcing his arrival on the professional scene.

Prosser’s campmate, Cayleigh Swart, also displayed her skills and tenacity, securing a unanimous points decision victory over her opponent from East London.

Prosser’s journey to his professional debut was marked by impressive achievements in the amateur ranks. As a two-time Western Province light heavyweight champion, a silver medalist at the national level, and a bronze medalist in the cruiserweight division, Prosser had already established himself as a formidable force in the ring.

With the guidance of his trainer, Matthew Leisching, at Madfit Boxing and Fitness in Gardens, Prosser’s skills were honed, and his hunger for success grew stronger. Leisching, known for grooming fighters from scratch, has dedicated over four years to developing these promising talents. Prosser went on to win 18 fights, with only four losses in his amateur rankings.

“I reset a little bit. I decided a few years ago to develop my own projects from scratch. It’s been great. I feel that SA’s boxing scene needs it,” said Leisching.

Professional boxer, Cayleigh Swart made her debut one to remember when she made light work of her opponent from East London, winning via a unanimous points decision, at the Goodwood Correctional Facility a fortnight ago. Picture: James Cameron Heron

Alongside Prosser, Cayleigh Swart stepped into the professional arena with a determination that mirrored her exceptional amateur career.

As the reigning national amateur champion of 2022, in Gqeberha, Swart’s victory by unanimous points decision showcased her technical prowess and heart.

The support and guidance provided by the Madfit camp played a vital role in Swart’s success, instilling in her the belief that she could conquer any challenge.

“She has been very good. She won nine and lost one in 10 amateur fights. She was the national champion and the best female boxer at the tournament in Gqeberha last year. She won via a unanimous points decision last week,” said Leisching.

Looking ahead, coach Leisching is focused as he prepares his fighters for future triumphs. Dean Promnick, an emerging talent from his camp, is set to follow in the footsteps of Prosser and Swart.

Next week, coach Leisching, accompanied by Promnick, will embark on a journey to Limpopo to compete for the national amateur championship title in the middleweight division

Dean Promnick is ready to set the stage ablaze during the SA national championships in Limpopo next week. Picture supplied.