Cyclists meet their hero

From left, are Ariane Lüthi, Darren Wenn, Divaan September, Tenichia Malgas Ziano-Dean Anthony, Anna Brom, Jowaine Bernardus, Fa-eez Abrahams and Joan Piek.

On Monday February 25, five young Anna Foundation cyclists met their hero, Ariane Lüthi, and had the opportunity of riding the G-Spot trail with her.

“They embraced the rollers, berms and even had no fear of tackling jumps!” said Ariane.

The Swiss cyclist is a multiple winner of the many gruelling mountain bike stage races including the ABSA Cape Epic, the Cape Pioneer Trek and the Swiss Epic.

She said: “Unfortunately, mountain biking is still not accessible to all. I very much wish to see this change in the next few years. I support any initiative that drives that change in South Africa. Although the Anna Foundation does much more than that, the non-profit organisation also gives underprivileged kids access to bikes and brings them the joy of playing around on them.

“Today is all about that.”

Anna Brom, founder and director of the Stellenbosch-based NPO, said: “This opportunity with Ariane Lüthi is all about inspiring our youth through sharing a passion and love for cycling and the outdoors.

“Positive role models such as Ariane go a long way in motivating these children to follow their own dreams and believe in their own abilities.”