Chefs unite for Stellenbosch during Covid-19

The chefs and their respective kitchen crews have set up a soup kitchen that now produces just over 20 000 portions per week.

A helping hand to empower our schools

Strong Schools works with 13 schools in the Helderberg, five high schools and eight primary schools.

Henry, let’s go to town

Henry Kotzé is set to move to the iconic winery in the Stellenboschkloof basin in June.

Music for meals

Bevan Sylvester has initiated a project called Music for Meals.

Onwards and upwards

Stewart Gordon is the father of three daughters.

Dream weaver

Peter Schoeman, from Somerset West, shared a photo of a Cape weaver.

Knitting nanna

Valerie Keuning of Gordon’s Bay has been knitting colourful beanies for preemie babies and toddlers.

Say a little prayer for me

Norman McFarlane spotted this visitor on Saturday.

Insect farming could help give the earth a break

Insect farming and insect-derived products tick many of those boxes and should and can increasingly become part of our “new normal”.

Nurses Day

Being a nurse is not just a job, but a heartfelt calling. It is synonymous with goodwill, reliability and compassion.