Reward offered for information on attack in home

Professor WA Richter, Steynsrust, Somerset West

Considering the escalation of crime in the Western Cape it guess it had to happen some time. For years – almost 40 – I have given change and some foodstuffs to people coming to my front door.

On Thursday June 30, I was probably careless in not locking the door while going upstairs momentarily. A young man came up to the kitchen and attacked me.

As a result I spent several days in hospital having reconstructive surgery in one eye because of the blows on it. The young man was so-called coloured, probably in his 20’s and about 5 ft 9 inches (1.75m) tall.

I lost a laptop and a cellphone. He had been to the house before usually asking for money to return to Macassar. In addition quite a sum of money was stolen from my one bank account before I could block anything.

A person like this should be removed from the community as he is willing to attack elderly people with a view to theft. As Thursday June 30, was school holidays, he could be jobless or even be a school pupil.

I therefore offer a reward of R 2000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person. Contact me at, or call 072 847 4983.