Zuma’s circus

Len Walker, Somerset West

Who needs the Moscow circus, when we could watch the circus in Parliament two weeks ago.

Although the acting was not great, there was a lot more action than the previous year’s performance, but disappointing that there was not a more dramatic ending to the show.

On a more serious note, it was the greatest embarrassment that I have witnessed, and the mind boggles as to what the overseas viewers must have thought of their behaviour.

As for the State of the Nation presentation, it was poorly delivered and the content was what we have heard so many times before.

The author of the speech could have saved himself a lot of time and effort if he handed the 2016 speech to the president, as he would no doubt have been non the wiser.

My heart went out to t he Cape Times as that Thursday edition welcomed all members of Parliament to Cape Town, and I sincerely hope that their next message to them is “good riddance”.

All in all a very sad day for South Africa.