‘Xtraordinary’ women inspire for Mandela Day

As part of the 67 minutes for Mandela initiative, Xtraordinary Women Helderberg invited Sandy Immelman of Masikule to talk about the NGOs Cast On 4 Kids project (http://masikhule.org/cast-on-4-kids-2018).

The Xtraordinary Women Chapter in Helderberg last week hosted Sarah Arnot of Woodburn Mann Leadership Science Institute and author of the recently published book,
That Further Shore: Turn Your Dreams Into Goals and Make Them Reality.

Sarah is a senior leadership assessor for some of Africa’s largest corporates.

She spent 16 years in a global consultant role and draws on her experiences in sport and in the corporate world, to motivate people to fulfil their personal potential and achieve success and improve performance within teams.

Sarah has served as chairman and president of the Western Cape Eventing Association. Eventing is an Olympic equestrian sport combining dressage, cross country and show jumping.

She is also actively involved with the Stellenbosch and District Riding Club.

Sarah herself competes up to international level in the sport of eventing.

Her talk to the business women and members of Xtraordinary Women Coaching looked at how new developments in leadership science can help us to improve our decisions, to make better choices and in the end to plan for a brighter future.

“Self-management is key to success,” she explained.

Xtraordinary Women Helderberg is one of five business networking chapters in the Cape Metropole that lead, inspire, support and recognise business owners.

The Helderberg chapter meets on the first Thursday of the month at Erinvale Golf Estate clubhouse for breakfast.

The next speaker is Nikki Fourie of Mushroom Guru who will share her personal journey about her exit from corporate employment and how it challenged her identity and how one uncomfortable conversation led to an epiphany, thereafter it was one meaningful conversation at a time that set the tone for her to speak her truth.