Workshops on sustainability

Jonathan Code

Jonathan Code, a teacher, researcher, gardener and author from the UK, will be presenting essential oil and soap-making workshops in the Winelands, as part of his work to promote health for body, soul and spirit.

On Saturday October 6, from 8.30am to 4.30pm, he will be at the biodynamic farm Bloublommetjieskloof, where visitors can have the chance of distilling oil and creating soaps with whenever possible organic and biodynamic ingredients.

The basic chemistry of soap-making will be taught, with an overview of traditional techniques, using tallow, potash, gathering plants, Victorian wash balls, properties of essential oils and distillation, infused oils for soap-making, and cold process soap-making.

The second workshop deals with rose soap making, and will be held at Ludwig’s Roses in the Winelands, on Wednesday October 10, where visitors will work with precious oils and hydrosols, some of the rose family, and create their flower dream.

People are increasingly concerned about the ingredients of their body care products, and the extension of what the impact of their choices has on the planet.

The workshops not only give ideas and recipes to take home, but also deals with stress and conflict.

For those who like to go deeper into the process of “Living and working with Change”, there is a workshop on Thursday October 11, at The Shed at Spier, where Jonathan, with his huge experience on the field of teaching, research, alchemy, agroecology, biodynamics and anthroposophy, will facilitate visitors through this important challenges we face.

There will be exercises, discussions, collaborative enquiry and short presentations.

Biodynamic gardening works with many preparations and compost. There are no chemicals, pesticides or GMOs involved.

There is a free talk about “Alchemical Processes of Biodynamic farming”, on Sunday October 7, in Wellington.

For more information on the cost of the workshops, and to book, contact Wendy at

Jonathan Code is deeply inspired by anthroposophy and informed by the study of Dr Rudolf Steiner and others, and wants to bring the themes of education, biodynamics and alchemy into a broad context.

His research and work crosses all the disciplines, including plant alchemy, medicinal herbs, social development, plant phenomenology and holistic science through a practice based approach.

He is director of Crossfields Institute International and runs the Master’s degree in agroecology ( for biodynamic agriculture, permaculture and other approaches.

Jonathan is associated with the South African Biodynamic two-year land based accredited training. He is a regular speaker at Waldorf teachers’ conferences and is author of his book Muck and Mind – Encountering Biodynamic Agriculture.

The workshops Jonathan will be presenting arise from over a decade of his work in social and environmental education (Ruskin Mills) and continue to develop out of ongoing research into the synthesis of science, art and contemplative practice as a basis for education and social renewal.