Words count

Marie Swanepoel, Somerset West

Proverbs proclaim “the tongue has the power of life and death”.

We are agents of life and that in abundance. The water challenges in Cape Town open an opportunity to us to give a visible manifestation
of the power of the tongue as it finds its way into our speach and prayer.

The eyes of billions all over the world are fixed on the ever-growing loss of water and the immense challenges that grows therewith.

All official plans and speak is concentrated on Day Zero.

Those two words proclaim an event of total loss of what?

Life? Yes, because water is life. Every utterance that proclaims Day Zero speak death where, instead, life is required.

As agents of life let us re-focus, unite and start to proclaim life over Cape Town instead of death.

Let us replace Day Zero with Day Overflow. Let us visualise the result: streaming rivers and overflowing dams.

Let God be honoured, as the world witness a miracle that gives Him the honour.