Where are the police now?

Professor WA Richter, Somerset West

A letter of mine was published in Bolander (“We are sliding towards a gestapo mentality in South Africa”, Bolander April 22).

It was about the police assault with a sjambok on a handyman of mine, Patrick.

It was while he was walking home in Lwandle with two plastic bags containing some foodstuffs he had just purchased.

With reference to an almost irrelevant reply to that letter, a charge has finally been laid with the police after many blocking attempts by the police, with a view to a claim against the Minister of Police.

On Saturday I went to see Patrick in Lwandle.

There were many people in the streets, mostly young people, just milling around.

I was horrified to see that virtually no one wore a mask.

It is now supposed to be a criminal offence, so where are the brave police now that assaulted Patrick?

With such high-density areas where the Covid-19 virus is bound to be transmitted, and people just shrug off requests to practice safe procedures, what chance does the country have to stop the escalating spread of Covid-19?

The obvious absence of police intervention implies that they are complicit in the spreading of the virus.