When passion meets talent


Art Curator at Lourensford Estate presents MIchelle, in When passion meets talent, which depicts her love of horses. “Ever since I first laid eyes on them as a young child, I’ve been fascinated by the beauty, movement, strength and the noble soul that is the horse. I started to draw them at the age of 4 and throughout school I became known as the horse-girl. I started riding at the age of 6 and my love for them grew even more. I took art as a subject at school and after I matriculated in 2007, I took the profession of an equine artist to a more professional level. Started out in charcoal, at the age of 18 years, I had my first exhibition at the Horse and Wine show at Nelson’s Creek and after the show, I’ve been invited to many equestrian related events, including world cups, horse racing events, and even agricultural shows, where I fell in love with the Friesian horse. One of my biggest achievements was when I was selected as one of the top 23 fine artists in the Western Cape accredited by the Department of Arts and Culture, where I had to paint for the J&B Met 2009,” she says. For more information, call 087 802 5085 or visit www.artcurator.co.za