What’s with the landfill?

Chonri Krüger, Somerset West

I think most of the people living in close proximity would be interested in getting some detailed information what is being done at the Waterkloof landfill site, on Old Sir Lowry’s Pass Road. 

Work has been carried out continuously at least six days a week and even on public holidays from 7am to 5pm for well over a year which must be at quite a cost to the City.

So it would be interesting to hear about the why, the wherefores and what
will be achieved at the end – which is when?

Look forward to seeing an article in this regard in one of the future issues of the Bolander.

City of Cape Town mayoral committee member for informal settlements, water and waste services; and energy, Xanthea Limberg, responds: 

The Waterkloof Historic Landfill is currently being rehabilitated at a cost of approximately
R25 million. 

The rehab-ilitation  briefly entails the following:

Removal of waste material on the outside erf boundaries, placing this on top of the existing waste body/landfill, and compacting this material. This work has been completed.

Reshaping of the steep sides of the landfill to the required slopes as per “Minimum Requirements for
Waste Disposal by Landfill, Second Edition 1998”.

This has been completed.

Installing an impervious clay layer with a topsoil cap, and planting vegetation on the slopes. Jute netting and wind barriers will also be installed to
help vegetation take hold. This work is in progress.

Construction of a new concrete palisade fence, gas
cut-off curtain, retention dam, ring road and stormwater channel.
This work is in progress.

Construction of boreholes and gas probes to facilitate
post-closure environmental monitoring for a period of 30 years after closure.