What is intelligence?

Dr Xanthe Hunt.

Mensa Winelands’ next guest speaker,
Dr Xanthe Hunt will explore what kinds of brains will help workers of the future to add value, and how we might go about fostering this in our children, at the monthly meeting in Somerset West, on Thursday February 21, at 7.15pm.
Dr Hunt is an internationally-recognised public health researcher at Stellenbosch University. She has a joint affiliateship at the University of Los Angeles, California, at the Phodiso Trauma Research Network, and is currently doing a postdoctoral course with Harvard Medical School, in biostatistics and epidemiology. She says the world of work is changing radically; technologies threaten to replace or transform jobs and whole professions. Society is changing in profound ways, too, and new forms of engagement are increasingly setting some workers and people apart from others. What does intelligence look like? How is it meaningful, and useful to the person who has it? To attend the meeting as a guest, email to wnl.secretary@mensa.org.za for venue details.