What a coincidence

Beryl Paice, Somerset West

With reference to the letter Lizette de Jager (“Coincidence with bills”, Bolander, June 27): I have experienced a very similar situation, where I received a bill for the period from 16 December 2017 to 19 January 2018.

My apparent usage was 45.000kl of water.

The most amazing and interesting fact is that I was away from 21 December 2017 until 6 January 2018, and with airline tickets to prove it.

In addition. we are incredibly water wise and conscious, in that we utilise grey water for many applications.

The City of Cape Town insists that I have used all of this water, and I proved to them that I wasn’t even home.

They are insisting that I pay the full bill of R1 491.22 for the apparent water usage, and R961.56 for the apparent sewerage usage for the same period of time.

According to the staff at the Somerset West municipal offices, it is impossible to have used 45.000kl of water for the period of time that I wasnt even at home for, and I don’t even have a swimming pool.

According to the meter assessment, if potentially faulty that could have been the challenge, however, they insist the meter is in working order.

Both these letters have been sent to the City of Cape Town – Ed