Wellington news producers

Nikey van Zyl, Wellington Wines viticulturist, with top producers Nic Ciolli, Berhard Behne, Theo Heydenrych and Martin Malan.

During the 2020 harvest, Wellington Wines awarded its top grape producers for consistently delivering outstanding quality grapes throughout the year.

Francois Pienaar, CEO of Wellington Wines, said that without the passion and hard work of the grape producers, the success and quality of their wines would not be possible.

“Our commitment to producing the highest quality and most expressive wines is the cornerstone of every decision we make. We truly believe that our terroir together with the commitment of our producers, deliver exceptional wines, vintage after vintage. Respect for the land and maintaining the integrity of our soils has always been one of the pillars of our brand.

“Awarding our producers was initiated in 2010 when Wamakersvallei Wynkelder and Wellington Koöperatiewe Wynkelder joined forces, and for the past nine years we have acknowledged and given thanks to our top producers, some who have been supplying us with grapes for three generations.

“They share our vision and we are proud to be their partner in the Wellington Wines success story.”

The 56 producer members work closely with Wellington Wines’ winemakers and viticulturists throughout the year, to ensure only the best grapes are grown and hand-selected for their outstanding quality.

A stringent set of criteria selects each year the top producers in different categories, inspiring each year a healthy competition between grape growers.

The results:

Best vineyard block: Nic Ciolli (Voor-Groenberg) Pinotage Block 26 on the farm Vondeling.

Best quality white grapes: Behne Boerdery (Perdeskoen) Chenin Blanc Block 23 on the farm Oude Woning, De Fortuin and Nietgedacht.

Best quality red grapes: MW Malan (Voor Groenberg) Block A1 Merlot on the farm Nabygelegen.

Producer of the Year: Attie Brink Family Trust (Hexberg) on the farm Hexberg.

Wellington Wines (Pty) Ltd was established in 2010 when Wellington Koöperatiewe Wynkelder and Wamakersvallei Wynkelder merged and after Bovlei Wynmakery joined forces in 2012, the collective became known as Wellington Wines.

However, the history dates back to 1906 and 1907 when Wellington Koöperatiewe Wynkelder and Bovlei Wynmakery were established respectively. Wamakersvallei Wynkelder was founded in 1941 and it was the accomplishments and passion for wine and for the growth of the Wellington wine industry that the three cellars shared, that led to the merger.