Well done Bolander team!

Lemar Chester, Somerset West

I was just perusing last week’s edition and saw the insert about the award – congratulations.

It’s a wonderful community paper. I always look forward to finding it on my driveway, and I know how much heart and soul you put into making it the gem it is.

Well done.

Ann Wallis-Brown, Cape Town

Just a quick line to congratulate Carolyn and Norman on the fantastic accolade bestowed on the Bolander. You are both, without doubt, the reason why. I have seldom in my 40-odd years of working with the media met two such professional journalists, with such integrity and such amazing work ethic. My respect for you both is boundless.

I wish I could fly you to the moon and back, or at least fill the office with flowers, but my heartfelt words of congratulations will have to suffice.

Working with you both over the years has been a huge privilege and an enormous pleasure. Well done and blessings to you.

Julie Upton, Somerset West

To all those involved with Bolander, heartiest congratulations on the award won, and the numerous nominations.

They are well and truly deserved. I really appreciate and am full of admiration for the dedication and hard work. Having no first- hand knowledge of the industry, I am always amazed how each week the Bolander regularly appears at our village with such interesting relevant articles and stories with the added bonus of being free.

Keep up the wonderful work.

Also, thank you to Wendy June for your letter, so clearly and passionately highlighting the dilemma that so many of us have experienced.

Having had the frustrating and disheartening experience of trying to get a grandchild into a Secondary School I heartily echo your sentiments.

I agree that “we do not need more luxury housing developments; we need more schools to educate our children who are the future of this country”.

Thank you to Bolander for publishing what I assume was the whole letter.

Emile Shreve, Somerset West

Congratulations Carolyn and the Bolander team – well deserved.

Keep it up; you are our voice.

Patricia McNaught Davis, Helderberg

Wow, well done on Bolander being the best. That is such wonderful recognition of your work as editor of the paper (and well done on being a finalist in the editorial category too).

This is so exciting for you and all involved in the paper – what a validation of what you do; just marvellous…

You can be very proud of yourself for producing such a distinctive newspaper.

And Wendy June’s letter (“Schools in short supply”, Bolander, June 22) really rang bells for me.

I see how stressful it is for parents to find suitable schooling for their children. It seems crazy to sign children up at birth but that’s what parents are starting to have to do, as far as private schools are concerned.

State schools only accept application the year before and that can be a real problem if one is not given a place. Primary school children really do have to start polishing up their CVs to prove that they are worthy candidates of admission to their high school of choice. Maybe that’s not entirely bad because it does ensure that the children have to participate as fully as possible in the school.

Amanda de Klerk, Somerset West

Dear Carolyn, what an achievement and validation of all your hard work. Congratulations, you really deserve this recognition of your skills and your passion.

Patrick Reavell, Somerset West

I appreciated the article by Wendy June on the lack of schools in Helderberg Basin.

As I was involved in black education in remote Zululand, this sort of article is dear to my heart. Thanks for an excellent newspaper.