Water tanks from LoveH2O

Leeshan Wearily, Hyron Kuys, Riyaad Jeppie, Femke Festus, Zinedine Brown, Jayden Pekeur, Inge Hendricks, Requalmy Stipps and Juwelle Jonkers.

Nederburg Primary School and Magnolia Primary School in Paarl, and Dalubuhle School in Franschhoek, were the first schools in the Western Cape to each receive two 10 000-litre water tanks, thanks to the LoveH2O water fund, established last year by Woolworths and MySchool to assist schools become water secure this winter. The tanks have been fitted with a filtration, pump and water purifier system so that the water can be used for drinking, sanitation, cooking and the watering of gardens. 

Rainwater harvesting from roofs is a highly effective strategy for improved water management and reducing pressure on municipal water water supplies. It also means that the pupils will, most likely, not be sent home if there are any water cuts which causes unnecessary interruptions to their schooling.