Water saving

Philip de Villiers, Helderberg

I read the various articles in Bolander (Wednesday February 8) on water wise lifestyles with interest and pleasure.

I wish a wider audience could read them. We do all you recommend, and even more.

We created a fynbos garden with hundreds of plants. We water new plants for a few months and then leave them.

Therefore we never pay for water for our consumption is lower than the minimum usage.

Someone wrote that towns outside the Cape Town metropolitan area should also save water, even if they have enough f or now.

If Cape Town runs dry, what then?

If you drive through Stellenbosch and look at the gardens and parks and the green, green grass of Coetzenburg, you cannot imagine that the Western Cape is in a drought.

The excuses range from “we have enough” to “it will run into the sea anyway”.

Not good enough, methinks.