Waiting on WastePlan

Dr Diek van der Zel, Somerset West

Thank you for the extensive article on recycling (“Recycling in the Helderberg”, Bolander, July 10).

But I was very disappointed in your remarks/treatment of WastePlan.

We know the company for more than 12 years in both Gauteng and here as a leading Christian compassionate company that starts its day with a prayer.

Did you google the company?

We, at our local church have been supplying material for recycling to them for five-and-a-half years.

Many churches and schools get paid in the Helderberg for these efforts.

Norman McFarlane responds:

As I noted in my article, I followed established formal channels to elicit a response from WastePlan, to a set of detailed questions.

Despite follow-up emails, and an appeal to the City of Cape Town to facilitate a response from WastePlan, as well as affording WastePlan ample time to respond, no response was forthcoming.

WastePlan was afforded every opportunity to respond to my questions. It chose not to.I did google the company, but the website did not afford me the answers which I sought.

For the record:

In the story “Mover and shaker greens townships” (Bolander July 10), we referred to the nursery which Siyabulela Sokomani co-owns as Roots and Shoots. It is, in fact, called Shoots and Roots. Bolander regrets the error – Ed.