Vitamins for Anna Foundation pupils

Facilitator at Kanonkop Wine Estate, Leticia Breda, hands a daily multivitamin to Anna Foundation pupil, Keanu Top.

Stellenbosch-based non-profit organisation Anna Foundation has always followed a holistic approach to youth education.

This is reflective in their flagship after school programme The 3Rs, that focuses on Reading, Running and Right-ing (referring to ‘right living’).

Similarly, during the past winter, the foundation adopted a holistic approach to combating Covid-19.

Over and above their efforts to keep pupils’ bodies well-nourished during lockdown, they were proud to partner with supplements manufacturer, Willow Wellness, who sponsored 100 children with an ongoing monthly supply of multivitamins.

The company designed and manufactured a special Covid-19 multivitamin for the school-going children, containing increased Vitamin C, D and Zinc components to ward off winter ailments such as the common cold and flu, and more importantly to strengthen children’s immune systems in the event of them contracting Covid-19.

Founder of Anna Foundation, Anna Brom, expressed her appreciation. “We are extremely grateful to the team at Willow Wellness for their unique multivitamin solution and the significant financial contribution they have made that has helped to preserve the good health of our pupils in rural and farming communities.

“As many children live a far distance from public clinics or health facilities, we have been greatly concerned for their physical wellbeing throughout lockdown,” added Ms Brom.

“The multivitamins have been enthusiastically received by both parents and children alike, and we are confident that this multivitamin is greatly enhancing the children’s health and strengthening their immune systems,” she said.