Unsung hero

Carl Nell, Somerset West

On Thursday August 24 I was involved, with several other vehicles, in a serious car accident on the N2 in the Pinelands environment.

The impact caused me to be unconscious for about 20 seconds. When I came to I was aware of a gentleman who stopped at the scene to render medical assistance.

He had all his medical equipment with him, got into the passenger side of my car, which happened to be a write-off, and immediately put me at ease and performed all the medical observations.

By the time the ambulance arrived on the scene he could just pass all the necessary information on to them and the other emergency services, saving time.

He introduced himself to me as Rob Nel, and told me that he was on his way from Somerset West to a meeting in Cape Town, but was on the scene when the accident happened.

I hereby wish to extend my sincere appreciation to Mr Nel for his professional and unselfish assistance.

It is people like him who constitute the fibre in a civilised community – the unsung heroes who appear on a scene at the right time, make their contribution and then fall into oblivion. But I can assure him that I shall always remember what he has done for me.