Uninformed assumptions

John Davidson, Somerset West

I’d like to respond to the two letters from Pat Reavell (“Puzzled” and “Twelve years too late”, Bolander May 10 and May 17), regarding the Western Cape water situation.

In his previous letter he asked for details of the authorities plans to address the water supply challenge.

It is not clear if he has in fact obtained such information.

From his last letter in the May 17 issue, this is not clear, as he is pointing a finger at the City of Cape Town and the DA in particular.

Certain assumptions are made that are apparently uninformed.

The Ward 15 news-letter from Councillor Gregory Peck, dated March 2017, includes a very comprehensive article of nearly six pages, from the City, regarding the water situation and the various options facing the City and its citizens to address the water crises.

It is easy to point fingers, but it must be remembered that we are all responsible for respecting and caring for our precious resources.

This includes the National Government and its National Department of Water and Sanitation who are responsible for the larger dams supplying the City, the surrounding region and the country as a whole.

Historically the City of Cape Town has had the need and resources to provide its own dams, particularly Wemmerhoek, Steenbras Upper and Lower Dams.

The remainder of the major dams are under the control of the National Department.

The City officially has the best performing water and sanitation department in South Africa, and has been trying to curb water use for the last 12 years with Level 1 water restrictions.

We have had watering restrictions since the summer of 2005, particularly in respect of watering times of the day.

This was reinforced from the start of 2016 by the City with Level 2 restrictions, with progressively increasing measures as the situation has worsened due to abnormally low rainfall for two years in a row.

The water users as a whole have been slow in coming to the party. Some are totally unconcerned.

Is it possible to include this City communication in your excellent community newspaper? Perhaps it can be published in parts as it is quite comprehensive.