Unhappy locals

PA Judd, Somerset West

With reference to the controversy over the above development, I would like to state that I live in this area, and its wild life, streams and forest are considered by many residents to be a heritage that needs to be protected.

I cannot understand why our laws are extremely protective over heritage homes and buildings, and fierce law governs these structures – quite correct – but when it comes to the environment, all common sense and protective laws just seem to fall away.

Such a development is going to have a high impact on the area, and so I wonder how could this development ever have been passed by the environmental impact study and the sanctioning to proceed?

Have the findings of this report ever been made public?

We have electricity and water issues in this province, and many apartments all around Somerset West are without occupants, yet it seems like we have to destroy the environment and build more.

I am not at all against progress and development.

Indeed, it creates a positive vibe, but I am totally against development which blatantly disregards the impact that such a development can have.

The second issue is the traffic congestion and the potential danger to residents of the “small” roads earmarked for use by construction vehicles (Harewood, Companjie and Helderspruit) in both directions.

Such roads were never built to cope with high-levels usage.

Finally what is the point of being invited to submit objections (just a red tape procedure to get through so the development can go ahead anyway, irrespective of people’s points of view)?

So, Bolander, please ask: Why are the very many complaints that have been received by our local councillors far and wide appear to have been totally ignored?